The Care Taker Philosophy and the Care-Taker Movement

The Caretaker Philosophy is an Eclectic Structure, which arose quite naturally from the desire of a very small group of friends to see some social justice in our time. The Caretaker Movement, offers holistic positive and dramatic opportunities for social and political evolution. Genuine direct or participatory democracy is practical, but requires the courage of the people of the True North Strong and Free. It is important at the outset to recognize the historic truth, as we do in the Caretaker Movement of Canada, that this country was conquered by false treaty and deceit. The original early contacts were, by all accounts, friendly.
The Caretaker Philosophy is latitudinarian and embraces cultural extremes which are harmless. The Caretaker Movement respecting as it does the spiritual and philosophical heritage of all people, recognizes that our first ethic rests on the common sense realization that in all things physically manifested, including the phenomenon of Mankind, there is an aspect of Divine Conscious Will.

Where One Is One .... In a Unified Field , and some thing goes Bang! .... That is an energy yield. Does this disturb the original State or was it's arrival a moment too late?

That Is, That Was, That Always Will Be. An Almighty Presence of Undifferentiated Consciousness.

Of this there can be no doubt, either metaphysically or mystically. Therefore, if we use the symbol upper case "I" or cognizant ground, the intelligence and the awareness must be acknowledged for something like a unified field theory to serve us. (E = mc squared).

Without the "I" or awareness of some one, in some way, or something, in some way, the E or Einstein's undifferentiated energy remains as unrealized potential, like voltage without current flow - or a dynamic people with no sense of identity in common.

We have all contributed to some extent in the inevitable collapse of the old order, by our stubborn refusal to accept the concept of eternal life, as understood with great simplicity by native people world around and simple people everywhere.

This is promised by Krishna, Christ, Hinduism and branches of Islam, as well as Shamanistic and written Scriptures of all ages and times.

It is a travesty of reason to blindly continue to pursue and worship the Golden Calf of Materialism, to dress it up as a philosophy, call it Economics and then demand that thinking people worship this paper symbol as the First Commandment - and can only be understood to have had any reason at all when seen from the position of evolutionary political understanding, which is, above all things, humane, compassionate and forgiving.

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